Amarjon Import and Export’s based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India. We are traders of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil extracted from coconut milk using cold processed method of pure organic extra virgin coconut oil from India and Olive Oil from Turkey, Amarjon management team is the second generation of having partners who are well experienced on agriculture. Products from our suppliers are purely organic and there are no chemical or heat treatments. We follow the traditional methods in such a way that even the raw organic coconuts are carefully handpicked and checked, after which our suppliers follow strict quality control measures so that the end product which we produce reaches our customers in highest quality. From sourcing organic products, to obtaining organic certification, to greening our facilities and operations, we are constantly seeking better ways to protect our environment and ensure a better quality of life for our employees, customers, and the communities.

Our Commitment towards quality has enabled us to become one of the best in supply of Virgin Oils for some other reasons which made us gain good reputation in local and international markets are:

Virgin Olive Oil

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    • Type: Virgin.
    • Self Life:6 Months.
    • Color:Golden or Yellow.
    • Packaging: 1. In 10/25/45/95/180 Kgs HDPE Drums 2. In 10/ 25 kgs Aluminum bottles 3. In 25/ 180 kgs Galvanized Iron Drums 4. In 10/ 20/ 30/100 ml Glass Bottles.
    • Application: Skin Care , Use in food.
    • Place of Region:Turkey.

Virgin Coconut Oil

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    • Type: Virgin.
    • Self Life:6 Months.
    • Color:White.
    • Packaging: Glass.
    • Application: Skin care, Cooking, Hair Care.
    • Polyunsaturated Fat:1.8 g (per 100g).
    • Saturated Fat:87 g (per 100 g).
    • Monounsaturated Fat:6 g (per 100 g).
    • Place of Region:India.

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